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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Security option

Security option

Choose the Security menu option to perform the following tasks:
*Define access permissions for the tables and fields in your database
*Set up a security administrator
*Set up Audit Administrators, Audit Archivers, and Audit Application Event Inserters
*Define and maintain user IDs and passwords
*Perform Authentication system maintenance
*Create and maintain encryption policies
The following table describes the options that appear when you choose this menu. See OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration for more information on security administration.
Table 29. Security menu
Menu option
Task performed
Edit User List...
Modifies the user list
Change Your Password...
Changes your password
Edit Data Security...
Defines access to security tables and fields
Edit Audit Permissions
Grants, updates, and revokes audit-related permissions
Security Administrators...
Designates security administrators
Disallow Blank Userid Access...
Denies blank user IDs access to the working database
User Report...
Displays or prints user information
Domain Maintenance
Creates and maintains authentication systems and authentication system domains
Encryption Policies
Creates and maintains encryption policies for an encryption-enabled database
* Edit User List option
* Change your password
* Edit Data Security
* Edit Audit Permissions option
* Security Administrators option
* Disallow Blank User Access option
* User Report option
* Domain Maintenance option
* Encryption Policies