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Admin Menu Reference : Security option : Encryption Policies

Encryption Policies

The options of the Encryption Policies submenu allow you to create, update, and view encryption policies for ABL objects in Type II areas.
Note: Encryption policy maintenance for Type I areas must be performed with PROUTIL EPOLICY. Encryption policy maintenance for SQL objects must be performed with OpenEdge SQL syntax, such as CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE. For more information on PROUTIL EPOLICY, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration. For more information on OpenEdge SQL syntax, see OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Reference.
The Encryption Policies submenu provides three options, as described in the following sections:
*Edit Encryption Policy
*Generate Encryption Keys
*Encryption Policy History
For details on encryption and encryption policies, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services - Security and Auditing.
* Edit Encryption Policy
* Generate Encryption Keys
* Encryption Policy History