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Admin Menu Reference : Security option : Encryption Policies : Generate Encryption Keys
Generate Encryption Keys
Generate new encryption keys for existing encryption policies with the Generate Encryption Key dialog box. Periodically generating a new encryption key (rekeying) for an existing policy is part of the recommended encryption policy maintenance best practices.
To generate a new encryption key for an existing encryption policy:
1. From the Data Dictionary, choose Admin > Security > Encryption Policies > Generate Encryption Keys. The Object Selector dialog box appears.
By default, only tables and indexes with existing encryption policies are shown. You can also show LOBs with encryption policies by checking Show LOBs. You can refine the list by filtering by cipher if you check Filter Cipher and choose a cipher.
2. Select the object or objects you want to generate new encryption keys for and click OK. The Generate Encryption Keys dialog box appears:
Note: The Save, Copy, and Revert buttons are disabled, as well as the Passphrase and Verify Passphrase fill-ins.
3. Click Commit to generate new keys for all the objects listed in the Generate Encryption Keys dialog box, or click Cancel to not generate any keys.
4. If you click Commit, you are asked to confirm your decision.