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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Preparing to use the WebClient Application Assembler : Required input files

Required input files

When you run the WebClient Application Assembler, you must have a root directory for your application, and it must contain:
*All files that the application comprises (.r files, .pl files, image files, and so on).
*All files that require special install processing (System Tasks) for your application. This includes third-party files such as ActiveX controls, system .dll files, image files for shortcuts, and an initialization file.
In addition to the above items, the following must be true:
*All files placed in the components must reside under the Application Root Directory that you specify in the General tab of the WebClient Application Assembler.
If your application uses the OpenEdge GUI for .NET, all assemblies used by the application must be in the assemblies directory under the application root directory. For more information on deploying OpenEdge GUI for .NET applications, see OpenEdge Deployment: Managing ABL Applications.
*The application's directory structure under the Application Root Directory on the development machine must be the same as the directory structure you want to use on the end users' machine under the directory where the application is installed.
Note: The WebClient Installation does not include any code from the OpenEdge Application Development Environment (ADE), such as, the adecomm code, the ADM code, or any of the ActiveX controls included with the OpenEdge installation: CSComboBox, CSSpin, and PSTimer. If your application uses any of this code, you must package it into your application installation with the rest of your application code. For more information about adding the ActiveX controls, see the Options tab.