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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Customizing deployment configurations : Generating the .prowcapc file : Interactive mode
Interactive mode
Open the .wcd file and choose Deploy > Generate, or click
on the toolbar. The Deployment Packager validates the configuration, as described in the preceding section.
If there are no errors, the Deployment Packager displays a prompt that lists the changes you have made—that is, differences between the original configuration and the new one—as well as any warnings. At this point, you have the option of continuing or canceling the operation. After reviewing the information, click Yes to generate the new .prowcapc file, or click No to abort the operation.
When you click Yes, the Deployment Packager generates the new .prowcapc file in the specified output directory. The filename matches the value of the Application Name field.
Upon completion, a message identifies the new .prowcapc file (or indicates the errors that prevented successful generation of the file). It also identifies the log file for the operation.