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WebClient Applications
Designing Your End User's Experience : WebClient application installation : IntelliStream


You can use IntelliStream to have WebClient install your application automatically with minimal interaction by your end users. IntelliStream includes an installer, built into WebClient, that installs and updates your application by downloading the required application components or component updates.
When you use IntelliStream, WebClient reads the application configuration file to determine which front-end components to download initially. Depending on how you implement your application installation, your users might need to respond to prompts for security information and information about the components they want to download. For more information, see Designing Security and Deploying an Application
IntelliStream provides the following features:
*Automatic download of component (.CAB) files
*Creation of an Add/Remove Program entry for uninstalling the application
Optionally, IntelliStream can:
*Set up application shortcuts on the desktop or in the Program folder
*Run ini2reg to store your .ini file information in the registry
*Install and register application and system files
*Run a ABL installation procedure that can complete application-specific installation tasks
When you use IntelliStream, you use the WebClient Application Assembler to define and generate the application component (.CAB) files and to choose the optional installation tasks that you want IntelliStream to perform.