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WebClient Applications
Designing Your End User's Experience : WebClient application installation

WebClient application installation

When you design your application, you must decide on the installer technology you want to use. You can deliver your application on CD-ROM, over the Internet, or over a company intranet. OpenEdge offers great flexibility for installing your application. You can use:
*The WebClient IntelliStream technology to install front-end components for your application and perform optional system tasks to satisfy basic installation requirements. This can include an ABL procedure to complete installation tasks that IntelliStream could not complete.
*An external installer, such as InstallShield Professional, which includes the One-Click Install technology for installing the entire front end of your application over the Web, or technology to create a CD-ROM for your application installation.
Note: You do not have to use the same technology to install your WebClient application as you do for installing WebClient.
For more information about using WebClient IntelliStream, see the IntelliStream. For more information about using an external installer, see the External installer.
Progress Software Corporation recommends that you provide a Web-based installation, either IntelliStream or a Web-enabled external installer, as the typical approach. For users without access to high-speed Internet connections, you might want to provide a CD-ROM installation. You should provide all updates over the Web.
When designing your WebClient application delivery method, consider the following recommendations:
*Use IntelliStream technology to install your application over the Internet or an intranet when you want to take advantage of the benefits that it offers. IntelliStream technology can:
*Initially install only the required front-end components of your application, and then install other components only when a user needs the functionality
*Optionally install your application from an AppServer with integrated security
*Automatically start the application after installation
*Save you from buying and learning another installer technology
*Use an external install product, such as InstallShield® One-Click Install™ technology, to install the application from a Web page when IntelliStream does not support functionality you need to install the application.
*Use an external install product, such as InstallShield, when you want your end users to install the entire application from a CD-ROM.
*If you need to provide both CD-ROM and Web installation for different customers, you can:
*Use an external install product, such as InstallShield, for CD-ROM installations, and use IntelliStream for installations over the Internet or an intranet. This design provides the benefits of IntelliStream features to those end users who have fast Internet access.
*Use an external install product, such as InstallShield, for CD-ROM installations, and the One-Click technology for installations over the Internet or an intranet.
* IntelliStream
* External installer