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WebClient Applications
Designing Your End User's Experience : Installation process

Installation process

You must provide a way for your end users to install WebClient on their machines. You have the following options to provide a WebClient installation:
*Host an installation on a Web server
*Point your users to the WebClient installation page
*Provide your users with a CD-ROM with a WebClient installation program
OpenEdge provides the following WebClient installers:
*A stand-alone InstallShield image that you can use to create an installation CD-ROM.
Note: You cannot customize the CD-ROM installation.
*A One-Click Install image that you can use to host a Web-enabled installation.
Note: Progress Software Corporation strongly recommends customizing the One-Click Install image to automatically install the application after installing WebClient, and to start the application after it is installed.
Both installers install WebClient on the user's machine but provide a different experience for your end user:
*With a CD-ROM installation, your end users use a setup program to install WebClient.
*With a Web-enabled installation, your end users go either to a Web page you provide or to the Progress Software Corporation Web site that provides a link for installing WebClient.
Note: You can perform a silent install of WebClient for either an Administrator installation or a personal installation. The variables set in a response file are the same.
For more information about WebClient installers provided with OpenEdge and how to customize and prepare a WebClient installer for deployment, see Deploying an Application
* Microsoft Vista installations