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WebClient Applications
Designing Your End User's Experience : Installation process : Microsoft Vista installations

Microsoft Vista installations

Installing WebClient and WebClient applications in Microsoft Vista includes additional considerations due to Vista's User Access Control (UAC) feature. With UAC enabled, an Administrator user runs applications as a Standard (unprivileged) user. To use their additional privileges, an Administrator must specifically select the Run As Administrator option from a context menu. By running the Web browser as a Standard user for the installation process, an Administrator could install personal instances of WebClient and WebClient applications in Vista, which is not possible in previous versions of Windows.
Note: Progress Software Corporation recommends that Administrators do not create personal instances for themselves in this manner.
Another Vista feature that impacts installations of applications that have not been adapted to Vista is "virtualization." This feature causes those applications to redirect writes for protected areas of the registry and file system to a private area for each user. This virtual access to those protected areas enables unadapted applications to still function, while maintaining Vista's security control over protected ares.
After performing an Administrator installation, a member of the Administrator group must grant the end users write access as described in the Granting write privileges . However, an Administrator must perform any uninstalls using the Run As Administrator option.