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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Hosting the application on a server : Hosting on a Web server : Configuring MIME types for your Web server
Configuring MIME types for your Web server
When the user attempts to access the application, the Web page that you provide references the configuration file for the application. Before your user's browser can open the configuration file using WebClient Initializer, it must recognize a MIME type for the configuration file. To accomplish this, you must configure your Web server to associate the configuration file extension with its MIME type.
The method used for configuring your Web server depends on the type of Web server you use. For each Web server, however, you must specify the extension and MIME type for the configuration file types, as follows:
*MIME typesapplication/progress-wcappcab
*File type extensionprowcapc
Note: If an Internet Service Provider (ISP) hosts your Web installation, you must give them the information to configure the MIME type properly on their Web server.
The following procedures cover configuring the MIME type on common Web servers.
1. To register the MIME types for all directories on an Apache Web server, do one of the following:
a. Add the following line to the srm.conf file:
addtype application/progress-wcappcab prowcapc
b. Add the following line to the mime.types file:
application/progress-wcappcab prowcapc
c. If you are using a dedicated Apache Web server, rehash/recycle to register this information.
For a Sun Java System Web Server, you must change the association of .exe files in addition to adding the definition for application/progress-wcappcab.
2. To configure MIME types on Sun Java System Web Server:
a. Open the Administration Server.
b. Select a server and choose the Manage button.
c. Choose Preferences > Mime Types .
d. Add the new content-type definition application/progress-wcappcab, and associate it with the file suffix prowcapc.
e. Edit the magnus-internal/cgi MIME type definition, and remove exe from the list of associated extensions.
f. Edit the application/octet-stream MIME type definition, and add exe to the list of associated extensions.
g. Save and apply your changes so the Web server recognizes the changes to the MIME type definitions.
The Microsoft IIS server stores its MIME types in the Windows registry. You register the MIME type for the application configuration file using the iis_wc.reg registry file found in <OpenEdge-install-dir>\webinstall\webclient\web_image.
3. To merge the MIME type entries from iis_wc.reg into the registry and configure the Web server:
a. Copy the iis_wc.reg file to your Web server.
b. To register the MIME type by doing one of the following on the Web server, either select iis_wc.reg in the Windows Explorer, right-click, and select Merge. This imports the contents of the file into the registry or double-click the file in the Windows Explorer. This imports the contents of the file into the registry.
c. Restart your Web server to register these changes.