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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Customizing deployment configurations : Generating the .prowcapc file : Batch mode
Batch mode
If Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge is installed, you can use the bprowcappdep.bat script in <OpenEdge-install-dir>\bin to generate the .prowcapc file.
Note: Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge is not available to users of the standalone Deployment Packager tool extracted from the file.
You execute the script passing it the path to the deployment configuration (.wcd) file, for example:
bprowcappdep c:\WebClient\deployment\MyApp.wcd
Unless the validation process encounters errors (in which case the operation terminates), generation of the .prowcapc file proceeds with no option to cancel. Messages that precede the actual start of the generation process, including error notifications and warnings, are written to the console window; they do not appear in the log file. Therefore, when using the bprowcappdep.bat script, you should redirect the screen output to a file or take other steps to make sure you do not overlook important messages.