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DataServer for Oracle
Initial Programming Considerations : Database design issues : Support for Unicode

Support for Unicode

Beginning with OpenEdge Release 10.1C, the DataServer for Oracle supports Unicode, a globally recognized standard for software character encoding. The Unicode standard is a collection of characters, code charts, and rules that allows software to be localized or internationalized.
Unicode support provides the DataServer for Oracle with the following functionality:
*Support for Unicode data and data types to and from foreign data sources.
*Migration of OpenEdge databases to foreign data sources that support Unicode. Any OpenEdge database, whether it uses ANSI or UTF-8 character sets, is eligible for migration to a Unicode-enabled foreign data source.
*The ability to retain Unicode data consistency and Unicode type definitions when pulling foreign data sources into OpenEdge UTF-8 schema holders.
The DataServer for Oracle enables this functionality by utilizing Unicode character sets in the Oracle database and the OCI driver implementation. Therefore, you can migrate an OpenEdge database to either an Oracle database defined with a Unicode code page or a Unicode/non-Unicode database that uses Unicode character data types (with encoding AL16UTF16 or UTF8).
* Support for Unicode character sets
* Support for Unicode data types
* Configuration requirements
* Implications of data widening