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DataServer for Oracle
Initial Programming Considerations : Database design issues : Support for Unicode : Support for Unicode character sets
Support for Unicode character sets
The OpenEdge database supports the Unicode UTF-8 character set, enabling you to store UTF-8 data in OpenEdge database character columns. The corresponding Oracle Unicode database can support a number of Unicode character set encodings. Progress Software recommends setting the database character set to AL32UTF8 to provide the greatest range of character support and the least amount of translation from your OpenEdge applications. This encoding is consistent with the UTF-8 encoding provided by OpenEdge and removes any potential for data loss that is associated with transforming other Unicode character sets.
Oracle can support Unicode data in SQL CHAR data type columns (CHAR, VARCHAR, LONG,and CLOB) when the database code page is set to a Unicode character set. Refer to Oracle's Unicode database documentation for more information on supported database encodings.
Support for the UTF-8 character set enables the DataServer to perform a migration from an OpenEdge database to an Oracle Unicode-compliant data source. After performing this migration, you can correctly insert, update, delete, and retrieve UTF-8 data between the OpenEdge database and the Oracle data source.