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DataServer for Oracle
Initial Programming Considerations

Initial Programming Considerations

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge used in conjunction with the DataServer allows you to develop applications that transparently access data from multiple sources. The OpenEdge DataServer for Oracle achieves database transparency for applications running against OpenEdge and Oracle, but some of the ways it accomplishes this might affect how you develop applications. This chapter discusses the differences between OpenEdge and Oracle that you must consider when planning your applications and designing your databases. In addition, your applications might have to accommodate the strategies that the DataServer uses to resolve these differences.
This chapter discusses equivalencies, differences, and strategies between Oracle and OpenEdge.
* Database design issues
* Data types
* Arrays
* Unknown Value (?)
* Record creation
* Record locking
* Transactions
* Error handling
* Cursors
* ABL issues
* Handling lock timeouts
* RDBMS Stored Procedures