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DataServer for Oracle
Initial Programming Considerations : ABL issues

ABL issues

The following sections present information about using various ABL statements in DataServer applications. They discuss how the DataServer supports the RECID function, the DEFINE BROWSE statement, the COMPILE statement, and the FIND PREV/LAST statements, among others.
Note: The ROWID and RECID functions might cause a newly created record to be written earlier to your Oracle database than to an OpenEdge database. If you do not assign values to all fields that are defined as mandatory in Oracle for a record, the ROWID and RECID functions will fail.
* RECID function
* ROWID function
* Progress_Recid change
* DEFINE BROWSE statement
* Field lists
* FIND PREV/LAST statements
* Compiling ABL procedures
* Unsupported ABL statements
* National Language Support