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DataServer for Oracle
Preface : Organization


Describes the basic architecture of the DataServer for Oracle and presents guidelines for using the DataServer.
Initial Programming Considerations
Discusses the differences between Oracle and OpenEdge and how the DataServer resolves them.
RDBMS Stored Procedure Details
Defines relational database management system (RDBMS) stored procedures and describes how to create and implement them in an OpenEdge environment. It discusses various techniques to execute RDBMS stored procedures and Send SQL statements on the MS SQL server and load results sets directly into temp-tables. ProDataSet functionality, available through the use of temp-tables, is also briefly discussed.
Additional Features to Enhance DataServer Performance
Presents various DataServer performance enhancement techniques you can use, including connection pooling.
Configuring the DataServer
Presents instructions for configuring the DataServer and creating a schema holder.
Connecting the DataServer
Presents instructions for connecting the DataServer and a schema holder.
The DataServer Tutorial
Provides the opportunity to work with the DataServer utilities for Oracle that you use to maintain the schema holder. In addition, it describes the OpenEdge DB-to-Oracle migration utility.
Upgrading DataServer Applications
Describes the steps required to upgrade from earlier versions of the DataServer to OpenEdge Release 10.
Environment Variables
Describes the environment variables that affect building and running the DataServer.
Sample Queries
Contains examples of queries and the SQL statements that the DataServer generates for the Oracle DBMS.
Building DataServer Executables
Provides instructions for building DataServer executables using OEBuild-based scripts.
DataServer Command Line Utilities and Startup Parameters
Describes the utilities you use to configure, manage, start, and stop the DataServer host and client.