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DataServer for Oracle
Environment Variables

Environment Variables

This appendix lists the Oracle, OpenEdge, and system environment variables that affect building and running the OpenEdge DataServer for Oracle. See OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration for more information on environment variables.
The following table lists the environment variables and describes how to set them.
Table 72. Environment variables
How to set it
The path name of the directory where you installed OpenEdge.
The path name of the directory where your databases reside.
The pathname of the log file that OpenEdge uses to keep track of DataServer processes and error messages.
National language support variable. To ensure full Unicode compatibility, set to NLS_LANG=.AL32UTF8 on the system where the Oracle DataServer and Oracle OCI client libraries reside. When setting this variable, you must use the dot (.) notation.
The path name of the directory where you installed Oracle.
The identifier for the Oracle instance you are accessing.
The complete file specification of the Oracle client shared library.
The path name to the executable of the Oracle DataServer. Set it to the DataServer executable you want to run: %DLC%\bin\_orasrv.exe (in Windows), $DLC/bin/_orasrv (on UNIX) or one you created with the OEBuild files provided in the oebuild directory.
The version of Oracle you are accessing (8, 9, or 10. Version 8 is the default). Set this environment variable when you are upgrading a DataServer application to Oracle 8.
The path name to the executable of the broker.
The path name of the OpenEdge client executable. After setting this variable, you can run a customized executable (by default, _progres on UNIX) by entering pro at the system prompt.
The pathname of the directory where listener.ora and tnsnames.ora configuration files are found for the server. Or for the client, where the tsnames.ora file is found.
Note: If you changed the value of an environment variable during a session, you might have to shut down the DataServer processes and restart them before the new value takes effect.