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Introduction : DataServer components : Distributed DataServer applications

Distributed DataServer applications

OpenEdge has integrated much of its server technology into a single framework, which allows you to administer distributed components as a single system. OpenEdge products such as the WebSpeed® Transaction Server are dependent on this single administrative system, known as the Unified Broker framework. It can support DataServers that allow you to include a non-OpenEdge data source into this distributed system.
AppServer applications can use the DataServer to access data from a non-OpenEdge data source. WebSpeed Agents can connect to a non-OpenEdge data source and execute their SpeedScript applications against it. Note that the AppServer and WebSpeed can access DataServers that are not administered by the Unified Broker framework.
In the Unified Broker framework, a single administrative service (the AdminService) controls the various processes required by the AppServer, WebSpeed, and DataServers. This allows you to centralize your resources. The framework also supports a single access point for configuring, running, managing, and analyzing your distributed architecture. In Windows, this utility is the OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, which provides a graphical interface to configuration and administrative tasks. On UNIX, you work with the Unified Broker framework through a properties file and command-line utilities. See the The Distributed DataServer using the Unified Broker Frameworkand for an overview of the Unified Broker framework, OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration for an overview of the Unified Broker framework. For more information on configuring ProBroker, see The Distributed DataServer using ProBroker.
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* The Distributed DataServer using the Unified Broker Framework