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DataServer for Oracle
Introduction : DataServer components

DataServer components

The DataServer is a set of software modules that allows OpenEdge applications to access information in an Oracle database.
Adding the DataServer to the standard OpenEdge architecture allows the OpenEdge client to access data managed by non-OpenEdge data managers. ABL can then manipulate database records in the same fashion, regardless of the database from which they come. When accessing an Oracle database, the DataServer translates standard ABL code into the appropriate calls to the Oracle database.
The DataServer product consists of several components, some of which are linked with elements of the standard OpenEdge architecture—the OpenEdge client, the DataServer, the schema holder, and the DataServer utilities. These components work together to create and support a software module that allows OpenEdge applications to access an Oracle database.
The DataServer runs in a variety of configurations that can be local, or include OpenEdge or Oracle networking. Depending on its configuration, a DataServer is a single OpenEdge executable or a set of OpenEdge executables that you can distribute across operating systems. See DataServer configurations for descriptions of your configuration options.
The following figure illustrates the DataServer modules as they appear in a networked, or remote, configuration.
Figure 1. DataServer architecture
* OpenEdge DataServer for Oracle logic
* The schema holder
* Security
* DataServer utilities
* DataServer demonstration database
* DataServer configurations
* SSL enabled DataServer
* Distributed DataServer applications