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DataServer for Oracle
Configuring the DataServer : Configuring UNIX modules : Configuring the local DataServer on UNIX

Configuring the local DataServer on UNIX

To configure the local DataServer on UNIX, you set environment variables. Be sure to set the variables in the same environment (UNIX shell) from which you plan to run the DataServer. The following table describes the environment variables and how to set them for the local DataServer.
Table 27. Environment variables for the local DataServer
How to set it
The pathname to the directory where the DataServer creates the log file, dataserv.lg, to track processes and error messages. By default, the DataServer creates this file in the current directory. (Optional)
The pathname of the directory where Oracle is installed. (Required)
The identifier for the Oracle instance you are accessing. (Required)
If you plan to use Oracle Networking to access the Oracle database, make sure that you have configured the tnsnames.ora file as your Oracle documentation instructs. The OpenEdge client executable must have read access to the tnsnames.ora file in the directory indicated by the TNS_ADMIN variable in the oracle.ini file.
Once you have set up your environment, you are ready to create a schema holder. See Creating, Maintaining, and Deploying a schema holder for instructions.