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DataServer for Oracle
Configuring the DataServer : Configuring UNIX modules

Configuring UNIX modules

A DataServer configuration that includes UNIX can be a local configuration, where all the components run on the same machine, or a remote, client/server configuration. It can also include clients or servers running on different platforms. For example, a UNIX client can access a DataServer running remotely in a Windows host.
In a client/server configuration, the following two DataServer modules run on the host:
*Broker — The DataServer broker on the host machine determines the type of requests coming over the network and starts the appropriate server for the client process.
*DataServer — The DataServer on the host machine accesses the Oracle database and communicates with the client process.
Note: Only one broker can run in a directory at a time. If you want to run multiple brokers, run each in a separate directory.
See the DataServer Configurations table for a list of the possible configurations for UNIX. It describes what you must do to set up the client and server modules.
Configuring a DataServer Module on UNIX involves setting up its environment.
* Configuring the local DataServer on UNIX
* Configuring the DataServer on the UNIX host