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DataServer for Oracle
Connecting the DataServer : Connecting a schema holder : Analyzing application execution with Enhanced Logger

Analyzing application execution with Enhanced Logger

The Enhanced Logger provides a means for either standard reporting of runtime activity or logging diagnostic data for troubleshooting problems based on a set of logging characteristics. The DataServer can be configured to write information to a log file. You control the type and the degree of detail logged using a combination of log entry types and logging levels. Log entry types are categories of information written to the log file. Logging levels control the degree of logging detail for any given log entry type.
The Enhanced Logger for DataServers offers two logging contexts:
*Server context for server-specific log entries
*Client context, which shares logging information with OpenEdge clients and AppServer agents.
Note: Both the server and the client contexts for DataServers include some log entry types that work in concert with one another. You can yield a detailed understanding of the DataServer operations by merging the contexts into one view of DataServer log activity.
* LOG-MANAGER system handle attributes and methods
* DSLOG-MANAGER system handle attributes and methods
* Log entry types
* Logging levels
* Setting the DataServer logging levels and log entry types
* Server Context Log File Naming
* Creating a unique log file per connected client
* Enabling ABL to SQL Correlation in Logging
* qt_debug logging