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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : After-imaging : AI File Management utility : Automatic extent archiving : Timed mode archiving process without OpenEdge Replication
Timed mode archiving process without OpenEdge Replication
When the time interval expires for the AI File Management utility daemon, the following process executes to archive extents:
1. Awake from five second sleep and archive all FULL AI extents.
2. Check to see if the time interval has expired. If the interval has expired, switch the current extent. Switching causes the current BUSY extent to be marked FULL, and the next EMPTY extent to be marked BUSY.
3. Mark archived extents as EMPTY.
4. Sleep for five seconds.
It is possible that there will be no FULL extents to archive on many iterations of this loop. After the timer expires, there will be least one FULL extent to archive, the one marked FULL in Step 2. On a busy system, it is possible that additional extents fill during Step 3 and Step 4 of the archiving process. They are archived the next time the daemon awakes.