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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : After-imaging


The after-imaging feature lets you recover a database that was damaged when a failure caused the loss of the database or primary recovery (before image) area. When you enable after-imaging, the database engine writes notes containing a description of all database changes to the after-image (AI) files. You can use the AI files with the roll-forward recovery process to restore the database to the condition it was in before you lost the database, without losing completed transactions that occurred since the last backup.
* After-image areas and extents
* Estimating after-imaging disk space requirements
* Creating after-image areas
* Enabling after-imaging offline
* Enabling after-imaging online
* Managing after-imaging files
* AI File Management utility
* Add and reorder AI extents
* Performing roll-forward recovery
* After-image sequences
* Disabling after-imaging