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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : After-imaging : Disabling after-imaging

Disabling after-imaging

You use the RFUTIL utility to disable after-imaging.
To disable after-imaging:
1. Back up any full extents.
This step is important because when you disable after-imaging on a database with AI extents, the database engine marks all of the AI extents as empty. This means that you cannot access any information that you did not back up for roll-forward recovery.
2. Back up the extent that is currently busy.
3. Disable after-imaging. Use the AIMAGE END qualifier with the RFUTIL utility.
The syntax is as follows:
rfutil db-name -C aimage end
You can also use the AIMAGE AIOFF qualifier with RFUTIL. Use AIMAGE AIOFF when you need to temporarily disable after-imaging, such as during scheduled maintenance.
* Disabling encryption of AI files when disabling after-imaging