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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Multi-tenant database : Tenant Data Recovery

Tenant Data Recovery

Tenant Data Recovery (TDR) is a process of ordered steps enabling database administrators to recover accidentally deleted table data and multi-tenant sequences for a tenant or group in a multi-tenant database without taking the entire database offline.
Once the need to restore data or a sequence is discovered, the high-level restoration process is as follows:
1. Locally restore your most recent backup of your production database to a temporary location.
2. Roll forward the after-image files of your production database to your temporary database if your production database is enabled for after-imaging.
3. Move data from the temporary database to your production database.
4. Clean up.
Figure 46 illustrates the flow of the TDR process. The details of each step are discussed in the sections that follow.
* Restrictions
* Step 1: Restoring your database backup
* Step 1A: restricting access to your temporary database
* Step 2: Rolling forward after-image files
* Step 3: Moving data with PROUTIL DATAMOVE
* Move multiple tables and sequences with the DATAMOVE user interface
* Step 4: Tenant data recovery clean up