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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : After-imaging : Performing roll-forward recovery : Rolling forward multiple files
Rolling forward multiple files
To expedite the process of rolling forward multiple after-image extents, ROLL FORWARD accepts a file containing a list of after image files as input. The syntax of ROLL FORWARD with a list of extents is:
rfutil db-name -C roll forward -ailist listfile
The listfile file, containing a list of AI area files, must be structured as follows:
*Specify one AI file per line
*AI file names can be a fully specified filename or a filename relative to the working directory where RFUTIL is executed
*Lines that begin with a colon (:), hash mark (#), or asterisk (*) are treated as comments and skipped over for parsing
If a file in the list is not an after-image file, ROLL FORWARD issues a warning and the file is skipped.
* Applying after-images files from a list