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Database Administration
Database Basics : Creating and Deleting Databases : Copying a database

Copying a database

To copy a source database to a target database, use one of the following:
*PROCOPY utility
*PRODB utility
*An OpenEdge Data tool
These utilities copy the database structure as well as its contents. Consequently, a target database must contain the same physical structure as the source database. For example, it must have the same number of storage areas, records, blocks, blocks per cluster and block size.
Note: Do not use an operating system utility to copy an OpenEdge database.
See PRODB utility for more information on using PRODB to copy a database. For more information about using the Data Dictionary or Data Administration tool in a graphical interface to copy a database, see the applicable online help system. For more information about using the Data Dictionary to copy a database in a character interface, see OpenEdge Development: Basic Database Tools.
* Copying a database using PROCOPY