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Database Administration
Database Basics : Creating and Deleting Databases : Copying a database : Copying a database using PROCOPY
Copying a database using PROCOPY
Use the PROCOPY utility to copy an existing database. For example, to copy the Sports2000 database to a database named mysports2000, enter the following:
procopy Sports2000 mysports2000
PROCOPY supports storage areas. Therefore, if a target database exists, it must contain at a minimum the same type and number of storage areas and same extent types as the source database. However, the number of extents in the storage areas of the target database do not need to match the number of extents in the source database. PROCOPY attempts to extend the existing extents in the target database to accommodate the possible increase in size.
If a target database does not exist, PROCOPY creates one using an existing structure description (.st) file in the target database directory. If a .st file does not exist, PROCOPY creates the target database using the structure of the source database and places all of the extents in the same directory as the target database structure (.db) file, even when the source database resides in multiple directories.
* PROCOPY uses absolute pathnames