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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : About worksteps : Workstep properties

Workstep properties

You can configure properties of a workstep, using the Properties view for that workstep.
Note: The Properties view is available for each process template elements in Diagram, Overview, and Path Analysis tabs.
The Properties view for worksteps supports the following dynamic features:
*General tab: allows you to define performers for Activity (see Specifying general properties of Activity workstep) and Adapter (see Specifying general properties of Adapter workstep) worksteps (only in a Business Process). You can also specify the workstep label (as it appears in Business Process Portal) and define the presentation format for Start and Activity worksteps.
*Dataslots tab (or in the Configuration tab for Managed Adapter worksteps or in the Fields tab for Start or Activity worksteps): allows you to assign dataslots to the workstep and modify them as they would appear on Business Process Portal. For more information on defining dataslots for a workstep type, see the Dataslot Properties description for that workstep type; for instance, for the Start workstep, see Using the Fields tab of Start workstep properties.
*Collaboration tab (only available for Activity worksteps): allows you to select a level of collaboration and indicate the performers with whom you want to collaborate. You can also add such options to the workstep as reassigning tasks, adding Notes to a process, or sending Email or Instant Messaging.
*Messaging tab (only available for Start, Message, and End worksteps in Business Processes): allows you to select a message to initiate a process or a workstep; and to generate an outgoing message on the completion of a workstep or a process. Using this type of workstep provides a way to synchronize process events and to define actionable events at various stages of the process execution.
*Alerts tab (only available for Business Processes): Allows you to add alerts to be associated with activation or completion of the workstep.
*Advanced tab: Allows you to define rollback and set synchronization parameters; define recovery settings; and define script to be executed at specific times. For more information on these functions, see the Advanced Properties description for that workstep type; for example, for an Activity workstep, see Using Advanced tab of Activity workstep properties.