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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Start workstep : Using the Fields tab of Start workstep properties

Using the Fields tab of Start workstep properties

For Business Processes, you can use the Fields tab to assign and manage dataslots which control the information flow from the Start workstep. In Web applications, the Dataslots tab replaces the Fields tab.
The Header section displays the options for—Instructions, Priority—to be displayed in the header section of Business Process Portal’s task details page (corresponding to this workstep). You can choose to show or hide such information as Instructions for the workstep in the Header section of the Start workstep.
To use the the Fields tab:
1. Select any or all of the checkboxes in the Options section, to display the corresponding fields in the user’s Business Process Portal page.
2. Enter instructions for the workstep in the Instructions box. Instructions can be up to 255 characters. These instructions will appear in Business Process Portal.
Alternatively, you can link the instructions to a specific CHARACTER dataslot. To do so, select the Link instructions to Dataslot check box, then select the dataslot (if any) from the adjoining drop-down list. To create a new dataslot, click the adjoining ellipsis button to open the New Dataslot dialog box
The user-defined dataslots assigned to the workstep are listed in the Fields section, which contains a table. displaying the Icon, Name, Type, Category, Label, Editable, and Required columns. For information regarding these dataslot parameters, see Using dataslots.
* Adding dataslots
* Modifying dataslots