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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Using dataslots

Using dataslots

You can use dataslots to manage information flow in a business process. Dataslots are global variables that enable the process to support exchange of data across worksteps. Typically, a dataslot is defined as the output of one workstep and the input of the successor workstep. Information—in this case, the value of the dataslot—is therefore passed from one workstep to the next workstep.
This chapter describes how to use dataslots in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, and covers the following features:
*Provides a set of predefined system dataslots for Business processes.
*Supports a wide range of dataslot types.
*Enables you to define customized dataslots that are specific to your requirements and can be used in process templates.
*Supports importing and exporting dataslots singly or in bulk.
Note: You can assign dataslots to individual worksteps in the process, using the Fields tab in the workstep's Properties view. For more information, see Setting workstep properties.
* Reviewing the Dataslots tab
* Supported dataslot types
* Using system dataslots
* Creating user-defined dataslots
* Exporting and importing dataslots