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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Defining and assigning performers : Using swim lanes

Using swim lanes

A swim lane is a horizontal colored lane across the process template which displays the worksteps performed by a specific user-type performer. Process template designers can use swim lanes to associate human performers with the worksteps they perform. You can also add a swim lane that has no specific performer, and any workstep added to this blank swim lane and retains its original performer. Performers of Activity worksteps are automatically updated when an Activity workstep is added to a swim lane or moved from one swim lane to another. Other workstep types can be included in a swim lane, but, unlike Activity worksteps, their performers are not automatically updated.
Note: Swim lanes are not supported for Web applications.
* Creating swim lanes
* Resizing swim lanes
* Performing additional swim lane operations
* Swim lane restrictions