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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Defining and assigning performers : Using swim lanes : Performing additional swim lane operations

Performing additional swim lane operations

You can perform additional operations on a swim lane by right-clicking the swim lane header. Additional operations include:
*Changing the swim lane header display.
*Inserting a new lane between existing swim lanes.
*Removing a swim lane.
*Modifying existing lane properties.
To change the swim lane display header:
*From the View menu, select either Name, ID, or Performer to view your selection in the header of each swim lane.
To remove a swim lane:
*Click Remove Lane, after removing all worksteps from the swim lane.
To change the properties of a swim lane:
*Click Properties to display the current swim lane properties (as defined in the New Lane dialog box) in the Properties view. You can modify each property, as described in Creating swim lanes.