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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Using the Servers view : Opening Servers view

Opening Servers view

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge lists all the defined servers and the configured project modules in the Servers view. You can use the Servers view to modify the server information, connection details, publishing settings, and server timeouts.
The Servers view displays the defined servers, along with the added project modules. To edit the server settings, double-click the server name to open the Server Editor. You can configure the server settings as described in Table 64.
Table 64. Server Editor fields
Server settings
General Information
To modify the server host name and runtime environment in the appropriate fields.
Connection Information
To modify the server connection details including host name, http port number, and user credentials in the appropriate fields.
To modify the publishing settings for the server. You can select any of the following options:
*Automatically publish when resources change, to publish the project modules automatically when they are modified.
*Automatically publish after a build event, to publish the project modules automatically after building the project. You can also specify the time interval in seconds in the Publishing interval (in seconds) box.
To modify the time limit for starting and stopping the server. The default limit is 600 seconds for starting the server and 120 seconds for stopping the server.
You can also add and remove project modules in the defined server. Right-click the server name in the Servers view, then click Add and Remove option to open the Add and Remove page, which displays the available and configured project modules in the server. You can add or remove the project modules.
You can associate the project modules with the corresponding projects in the Project Explorer view. From the Servers view, click View Menu () > Link with Project Explorer. When you select a project in the Project Explorer view, the server containing the associated project module expands and highlights the project module.
Note: For a common resource project added as a project module, you can change the adapter type. Right-click the project module and select either BP Server Adapter or Web Application Adapter. If you change the objects of a common resource project published on a local (or remote) server, you must restart the local (or remote) server in order to reflect the changes.
In the Servers view, you can also:
*Copy project modules between defined servers, as described in Copying modules.
*Publish the project modules to the defined server, as described in Publishing project modules.
* Copying modules
* Publishing project modules