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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Using the Servers view : Opening Servers view : Publishing project modules

Publishing project modules

In the Servers view, you can publish project modules to the configured Business Process Server environment.
Alternatively, you can configure automatic publishing for the defined server in the Server Editor.
If you are publishing all project modules associated with a defined server for the first time, then the Publish operation publishes all modules to the Business Process Portal. For project modules in the server that were previously published, then the Publish operation publishes only those modules that are not in synchronized state.
Before publishing, you can select the following options after right-clicking the project modules in the Servers view.
Table 65. Project modules options
Inherit ACL
To retain any user permissions in the version of the process you are creating, which are associated with the parent process. By selecting this option, you ensure that when you publish this version on Business Process Portal, it will have the same user permissions as the original process.
Publish as a Web service
To publish the process as a Web service. For a previously published process, you can clear this option to change the option to Republish. This does not unpublish the process from the web services.
To publish the project modules associated with the defined server:
1. In the Servers view, right-click the defined server and select Start option to start the Business Process Servers.
The server name displays the "[Started]" status when the Business Process Server is successfully started.
2. Right-click the server and select the Publish option to publish the associated project modules to the Business Process Server.
The server name displays the "[Synchronized]" status when all project modules are successfully published to the Business Process Server.
* Republishing project modules