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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Configuring dashboard widgets : Enabling Google gadgets

Enabling Google gadgets

You can use the Widgets Configuration tool to add Google-enabled gadgets like Map, Weather, and News as widgets to your dashboard.
Note: For information regarding adding and customizing these widgets in your Business Process Portal Dashboard page, see Chapter 9: “Using Dashboards” in Business Process Portal User’s Guide.
1. From the General tab of the Widgets Configuration tool, select Other as the widget type.
2. From the Properties tab of the Widgets Configuration tool, specify the Target URL as “” in the Target URL box and parameters for each gadget type:
Table 85 describes the parameters for each gadget type.
Table 85. Gadget parameters
Parameter Name
Applicable for all the enabled gadgets. Specifies the individual URL for each of the Google gadgets. Value is:
Applicable for Map and Weather gadgets. Specifies the location for which the map or weather forecast needs to be rendered, for example, Santa Clara.
For Map widget
Note: You can use the Map component only if you have a valid license for the Google Maps.
Specifies the type of map to be rendered. Available options are m (for map type), s (for satellite), and t (for terrain).
Specifies the magnification level of the map. For example, 11.
up_selected text
Specifies the location to be pointed at, when the user searches for a place in the Search box. For example, progress.
For Weather widget
Specifies the unit of temperature. Available options are C (for Celsius) and F (for Fahrenheit).
Specifies the title of the dashboard widget. For example, Santa Clara.
For News widget
Specifies the news edition to be rendered. For example, us (for U.S. edition), in (for India edition), and so on.
Specifies the number of news items to rendered.
up_show_ image
Specifies whether to display images in the news feed. Values are 0 (for false) and 1 (for true).
Specifies the font size of the news feeds, for example, 12 pt.
up_selected Tab
Specifies the default tab to be displayed on rendering. The value starts with 0.
Shown below is a sample widgets.xml file containing the configuration details for the Google gadgets.
For Map gadget:
<other name="MapWidget">
<description>Widget to search and display location in a map.
<targeturl url="">
<param name="url">
<param name="up_location">Santa Clara</param>
<param name="up_mapType">m</param>
<param name="up_idleZoom">11</param>
<param name="up_selectedtext">savvion</param>
For Weather gadget:
<other name="WeatherWidget">
<description>Displays the weather forecast for the next 5 days
<targeturl url="">
<param name="url"></param>
<param name="up_location">Santa Clara</param>
<param name="up_scale">F</param>
<param name="up_title">Santa Clara</param>
For News gadget:
<other name="NewsWidget">
<description>Displays News feeds from Google</description>
<targeturl url="">
<param name="url"></param>
<param name="up_ned">us</param>
<param name="up_items">5</param>
<param name="up_show_image">1</param>
<param name="up_font_size">12pt</param>
<param name="up_selectedTab">4</param>