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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Configuring dashboard widgets

Configuring dashboard widgets

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides the Widgets Configuration tool, which enables you to create and configure widgets that can be used in Business Process Portal dashboards by portal users or administrators to develop customized dashboards or dashboards that can be used as a Common Resource. For information about customizing dashboards in Business Process Portal, see the Business Process Portal User’s Guide and the Business Process Portal Administrator’s Guide.
The Widgets Configuration tool is only available for Business Processes and Common Resource projects. When launched from a Business Process, the widget is specific to that process. When launched from a Common Resource project, the new widget can be used by all applications. After you have configured a widget, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge creates a top-level widgets.xml file that contains all widgets created for that application, or all widgets created for the Common Resource. The application-specific widgets.xml file is located under the application’s folder (Workspace_Home\<Application_Name>). The application-independent widgets.xml file is located under the common resource’s folder.
On successful publishing of the specific application or Common Resource containing dashboard widgets, the widgets.xml file is registered with the server.
* Using the Widgets Configuration tool
* Enabling Google gadgets