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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing changes in Business Processes : Managing changes through Process Refresh : Criteria for changes in Process Refresh : Dataslot properties criteria
Dataslot properties criteria
You can change only specific dataslot properties before running a Process Refresh.
Table 95 represents the types of changes to dataslot properties that are allowed or not allowed during Process Refresh. The Properties column refers to the tabs and fields seen in a New Dataslot/Modify Dataslot dialog box.
Table 95. Changes Allowed/Not Allowed to Dataslot Properties for Process Refresh
Changes Allowed
Changes Not Allowed
Name, Type
Default Format
Type, Label, Choices2, Editable, Required
Scale and Precision in Numeric - DECIMAL dataslots, appendwith in CHARACTER dataslots
Management Access, Tasks Column
Public, Global3
Type, Size

1 You are not allowed to change the default value of an Object dataslot. Changes made to a dataslot value are only effective on the next activation. The dataslot’s initial value gets activated only on the first (or next) activation.

2 Choices for CHARACTER dataslots can be added, but not edited or deleted.

3 If you change the default value for a Global dataslot, it will not take effect, and Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge logs a warning in bpserver.log.