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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing changes in Business Processes : Managing changes through Process Refresh : Criteria for changes in Process Refresh

Criteria for changes in Process Refresh

The following general principles outline the types of changes that are supported or not supported during Process Refresh.
*Adding worksteps. You can add worksteps, provided the following condition is met:
*If a rollback is enabled for the installed process, then do not add new worksteps and do not change the process flow.
*The target of the added workstep is not an existing AND gateway with single outgoing connector (or And Join). For an illustration of And (Join), see Figure 8.
*Modifying process properties. You can modify most of the process properties. For more information, see Process properties criteria.
*Modifying worksteps. You can modify certain properties of worksteps (for more information, see Workstep properties criteria ), except in the following case:
*You cannot modify the source worksteps for all existing AND gateways.
*You cannot add or change a rollback point or reactivate workstep to an existing workstep.
*Deleting worksteps. You cannot delete worksteps.
*Adding dataslots. You can add instance level and global level dataslots to the process.
*Modifying dataslots. You can modify certain properties of dataslots for a Process Refresh (for more information, see Dataslot properties criteria ).
*Deleting dataslots. You cannot delete dataslots.
* Process properties criteria
* Workstep properties criteria
* Dataslot properties criteria