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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Configuring and running simulation : Configuring a simulation scenario

Configuring a simulation scenario

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge creates a single “default” scenario for each simulation project. You can add scenarios to the simulation project and configure simulation settings for each scenario independently. You can also import and export scenario information between simulation projects. After running simulation for each scenario, you can compare the results of the selected scenarios.
Configuring a Simulation scenario consists of:
*Simulation configuration: includes setting the simulation start (and stop) date and time. For details, see Modifying simulation settings for a scenario.
*Process configuration: includes configuring simulation properties for each process (simulation start and stop date and time, number of instances, randomization method) and for each process workstep (specifying worktime with time deviation method, specifying the resources, specifying the probabilities in case of multiple outgoing connectors and for Decision gateway).
*Performer and Resource configuration: includes setting the cost of each workstep performer, as well as defining consumable and non-consumable resources and their properties.
*Objectives definition: includes setting simulation objectives for the process, workstep, path, and for the usage of performers and resources.
Note: Any process or resource that you add in the Simulation perspective, is independent of simulation scenarios.
The following sections describe how to add a scenario and configure simulation properties for individual scenarios, and import and export scenario information.
* Adding a scenario
* Modifying simulation settings for a scenario
* Importing and exporting a scenario
* Configuring simulation parameters for a process
* Managing performers
* Managing resources
* Defining objectives
* Setting calendar