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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Configuring and running simulation : Configuring a simulation scenario : Setting calendar

Setting calendar

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge enables you to set calendar restrictions for each project added to your simulation project, as well as for each human performer (individual and group) and queue performer in your simulation project.
You can use the Calendar tab in the Properties view for the process or performer to configure the calendar restriction.
You can click any of the following options to configure calendar settings:
*None to exclude all calendar restrictions. This option is not available for human and queue performers.
*User management to include calendar restrictions as specified in the calendar created using the Business Calendar tool, as discussed in Working with Business Calendar.
*Project to include calendar restrictions as specified in the project calendar for the current simulation project.
*Local to configure process-specific calendar settings using the Workdays and Sessions sections provided. This operation is similar to configuring the project calendar, as discussed in Step 5 in Creating a simulation project.