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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Configuring and running simulation : Configuring a simulation scenario : Adding a scenario

Adding a scenario

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge enables you to create simulation scenarios in which you can change resources, the size of a group, the probabilities out of Decisions, and other simulation parameters.
To define a new scenario:
1. From the Scenarios section in the Simulation Control Editor, click the Add icon (), opening the Add Scenario dialog box.
2. Enter a name for the scenario in the Name box. This is mandatory.
3. From the Using scenario drop-down list, select any of the existing scenarios as a template for the new scenario. Resources, as well as processes and performers, defined in the scenario used are provided in the new scenario.
4. Click OK to add the new scenario to the Scenario drop-down list. Create as many additional scenarios as required.
To remove the scenario displayed in the Scenario drop-down list, click .