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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Working with the Overview page : Managing tasks : Adding a task

Adding a task

To add a task (or a workstep):
1. Click the Click to add icon (), inserting a default Activity task. To add a task after an existing task, select the existing task and then click the Click to add icon.
2. Type the task name in the Name column. Task names can include only alphanumeric characters and the underscore (_) character.
3. In the Type column, click in the cell and then select from the available workstep options, as required.
Table 28 lists the available options.
Table 28. Workstep Type
AND Gateway
To add an AND gateway. This gateway is not available for Web applications.
(default) To add an Activity workstep.
To add an adapter workstep. Displays the Adapter dialog box, in which you can define (or select) any adapter.
To add a decision gateway.
Embedded Sub-Process
To add an inline subprocess. This option is not available for Web applications.
To add an End workstep. This type is only available when there is no successor task specified under the Successors column.
External Activity
To add a monitoring Activity workstep.
External Sub-Process
To add an external subprocess.
External Adapter
To add a monitoring Adapter workstep.
To add a managed adapter workstep. On selecting this type, the Managed Adapter Browser tool appears. For more details, see Using Managed Adapter Browser.
To add a Message workstep. This workstep type is not available for Web applications.
OR Join
To add an Or-Join gateway.
To add a Start workstep. This option is available only for the first added task, and not for subsequent added tasks.
XOR Join
To add an Exclusive Or-Join gateway. This gateway is not available for Web applications.
4. To add more tasks, click the Click to add icon.
The Successor column for the previous task now displays the default task name (“Activity 2”) of the added task.