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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Working with the Overview page

Working with the Overview page

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge allows process modeling and analyzing through the Diagram view. In certain situations, this procedure can be cumbersome, as there is a learning curve involved for the business user, who needs to understand the usage and semantics of BPMN shapes before defining a meaningful process.
Consider an instance where a business user wants to quickly outline a large process with a large number of tasks. Instead of adding shapes and defining their properties in the Diagram view, a business user would probably rather work with a project-oriented view of the process by defining a set of tasks, the task/subtask relationships, and additional details without ever needing to switch to the Diagram view. The Diagram view is still a useful view especially for complex flows. However, it is not the only view, nor is it be the only editor for defining new worksteps. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides the Overview page, which is an effective tool to support project-oriented processes.
* Introducing the Overview page
* Managing tasks