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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Working with the Overview page : Introducing the Overview page

Introducing the Overview page

The Overview page (or tab) provides a project-oriented approach - including activity timelines - to designing a process, where you can add a set of tasks (or activities), define their relationship, and configure the properties, without switching to the Diagram tab.
The Overview page provides the following benefits:
*You can reduce process design time by over 30% by using the Overview page.
*You can filter process elements in the Overview page for analysis. For example, you can choose to view only Tasks or Adapters.
The Diagram and Overview pages of a process provide different views of the same process. The following are the important common features:
*Any changes made in either of the views are reflected in the other view, when activated.
*All the process template elements in the Diagram view (except for Notes, Swim lanes, Phases, and Rules) are also available in the Overview page.
*The same Properties view for the process and for each workstep is available in both pages.
*As in Diagram view, you can group tasks in the Overview page and then convert it to an inline subprocess.
* Reviewing the Overview page