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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Working with My Instances : Managing worksteps : Updating worksteps and workitems in Tabular view : Updating work item details
Updating work item details
To update work item details, perform the following:
1. Click the Show All to view the workitems comprising the current workstep.
The Show All button works as a toggle. Clicking it shows the work item(s) table, and changes to Hide All.
2. In the work item(s) table, you can perform the following operations on the individual workitems:
a. In the Performer box, enter (or modify) the user name or group name.
Alternatively, you can click the Edit Performer icon to launch the Search Users window, where you can search for a user to whom you can assign and add it. For more information, see Searching Users.
b. From the Action drop-down list for that work item, select an option to specify the action to be taken on that work item.
*Update: Updates the work item with the changes provided.
*Complete: Completes the work item.
*Remove: Removes the work item.
*Blank option: No changes in the work item.
If the Skippable option has been enabled for this work item in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, then the Action drop-down list also displays the Skip option.
3. Click Save to save the changes you made in the workitems.