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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Basic Operations : Searching Users

Searching Users

For any text boxes involving users in Business Process Portal (for example, User, Performer, Creator), you can search a user by:
*Typing the user details in the User text box, or
*Selecting the user using the Select User, Edit Performer or Select Creator icon, which is generally located beside the User text box.
The following procedure applies to all three search icons mentioned above.
To search a user using the Select user icon, perform the following:
1. Click the Search User icon ( ) is displayed beside the text box.
The Search Users page appears.
2. You can select a user by performing one or more of the following operations from the Select User page.
*You can search for the users by specifying either the user name, or the first name or the last name. If you specify the group name, then it searches for the users in that group, otherwise it searches in all groups.
*After typing the user name, first name, last name, and optionally, group, click Search.
You can also use the * as a wild card. Type in the first letter and then the asterisk (example, a*) and all users beginning with that letter will display. It also works for portions of names; e.g., type in *son and all names ending in son (Jackson, Peterson, etc.) is displayed. Type Mc*son and users such as McPherson and Mcwilliamson is displayed.
Business Process Portal lists all the users satisfying your search criteria. You can navigate through this list as explained in the Getting started
*To go directly to the list of users starting with a particular letter, click that letter in the Quick Search bar.
3. Depending on the page and current operation, Business Process Portal allows you to select one or more users. Select users by clicking the options in the first column of those users, and then click Add.
The selected users’ user names are entered in the User Name text box.
Note: Depending on the page and current operation, the Save and Create New button may also be available. Click this button to add the current user and continue adding more users.