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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Working with My Instances : Managing worksteps

Managing worksteps

You can modify the details of a workstep and the work items of the current workstep. Depending on the status of a workstep, the supported operations are listed in the following Table 12:
Table 12. Managing worksteps
Workstep Status
Applicable Operations
On Workstep
On Work items
Rollback. You can apply a rollback to Activity, Adapter, Agent, and Subprocess worksteps.
Add / Modify / Delete PerformersReassign / Complete / Remove / No Action
A group member (usually the Manager or Lead) with access to the Management module, can skip the selected Worksteps. You can also bulk skip the worksteps from Update All option, if the worksteps are in suspended state.
* Updating process instance template in Flow view
* Updating worksteps and workitems in Tabular view