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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Managing your Tasks : Task List page

Task List page

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The Task List page displays the following information about your tasks (irrespective of the type). Refer Table 7.
Table 7. Task List information
The box you use to select a task to be completed or reassigned. The checkbox is displayed for all tasks.
The running number of the item in the list.
Make Re-available
An asterix in this column denotes that the task was originally available to the group you belong to, was assigned to you, and can be made re-available to the original group.
Note: This column is displayed for assigned tasks only.
The name of the application to which the task belongs to.
The specific instance of the application to which the task belongs to.
The name of the current active task, assigned to you or available to your group. This task name corresponds to the workstep name of the current application. Click the task name link to view the task details, from where you can proceed to complete or reassign the task.
The name of the application user who created the task.
The priority of the task: Low, Medium, High, or Critical.
Assigned Date
The date the task was assigned.
Due Date
The date the task is due for completion. If a task is over due, then its details are displayed in red. Additionally, a flashing red dot is shown in this column.
These dataslot columns are sortable; that means, you can sort the contents of this page based on this column header. For more information, see Sorting a column. This helps to quickly locate tasks based on the application-specific dataslot values.
Business Process Server now provides global filters and you can make any of these filters as your default filter. For more information, see Global filters.
To navigate through the pages, you can use the paging controls. For more details about these operations, see Exploring Business Process Portal.
From the Task List page, you can perform the following operations:
*View task details, as described in Viewing assigned task details.
*Reassign the tasks to another user, as described in Reassigning tasks.
*Mark tasks completed, as described in Completing tasks.
*Make tasks re-available to the original group, as described in Making tasks re-available.
*Get the next available task as described in Getting the next available task.
In addition to the default columns, you can add dataslots as columns by selecting the Tasks Column check box in the Access tab of the Dataslot properties dialog box in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. For more information, refer to the section of the OpenEdge Getting Started: Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio.
* Filtering tasks